Guest Editorial: The Tyranny of the Minority by Randy Marquardt

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The Tyranny of the Minority

Our local Democrat columnist, Mr. Fincke, a few months ago sought to reassure us all that the latest progressive focus – transgenderism – is of no cause for concern.  Having successfully redefined societal norms over the past decades in terms of family unit and sexual preference, our liberal friends are now seeking to convince us that our idea of “male” and “female” is hopelessly old-fashioned as well.  One only needs to look as far as Facebook (in my opinion, the bane of modern existence), which is broadening our mindset with no less than 56 options for gender identity.  Consider that when even the most basic of terminology becomes fluid, it erodes the basic concept behind everything else in our lives.  Do you remember Bill Clinton testimony “…it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’, is.”?


The liberal left has been successfully eroding societal norms so that they can segregate us all into special-interest groups – to more easily be pitted against another, using the “fairness” argument.  Apparently, any time a person does not get what they want, the situation is deemed unfair and needs to be rectified (usually by striking down some long-held societal norm).  They have long-since stopped being concerned with actual discrimination and have now moved on to creating special rights for their constituent groups.  It is no longer enough to look at everyone as equals – it is now about recognition, and acceptance/approval, of individuals within these special groups.


How long will Americans let political correctness push them towards a world where there are simply no reliable, time-tested definitions?  To you parents out there (even if you consider yourselves liberal-minded), will you really be cowed into accepting the idea that your teenage daughter must be exposed (perhaps literally, in a school bathroom or locker room setting), to boys who simply decided to “identify” as girls that morning?


Is it really wrong to think about this situation as a possibility, and to call it unacceptable?  Is it somehow wrong to believe that the rights of the majority need to be respected as well?  I don’t think so.  It used to be a common belief that each person’s individual rights ended where another person’s nose begins, a principle that government is supposed to defend.  Apparently, now those rights extend into the other’s mind (especially if that mind holds conservative beliefs).


The Federal Department of Education, using a method that most of us would term extortion, has threatened to remove funding from school districts that do no knuckle under to their “guideline” for acceptance of transgender students.  It does not allow for accommodation, but says you must accept students at their word (since they will allow no empirical method of defining gender).


Mr. Fincke knows this tactic very well – he was instrumental in a lawsuit that forced our local, West Bend School District to “accept” the Gay-Straight Alliance as a sponsored group, not just allow them to meet.  I’m sure that, at the first indication of any kind of administrative rule-making over gender identity, he would threaten to go back to Federal Court and get sanctions imposed on the District.


Our Founding Fathers took great pains to set up a system of governance that valued and protected the rights of the minority.  Although not always perfect, we have seen it work to correct societal unfairness and real discrimination over the course of time.  But lately we have allowed certain groups to accuse and shame the rest of us into eroding traditional values, especially if they are religious-based.


The idea marriage between one man and one woman is narrow-minded, we shouldn’t criticize divorce or unwed motherhood, and now apparently even the idea of two genders is no longer applicable.  Without certain permanent touchstones, our society deteriorates into chaos.  Until a few years ago, I thought that a person being either “male” or “female” was one of those.  Isn’t it about time we stand up and say that some things simply must be definitive and the cultural erosion needs to stop?

Randy Marquardt

Former West Bend School Board member

Vice Chairman of Washington County Republican Party



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