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4th annual Teddy Bear Drive deemed a SUCCESS!


August 7, 2018 – West Bend, WI – The grand total is in and a very happy Savanna Rose is proud to report $748 was raised during Saturday’s Downtown West Bend Farmers’ Market as she held her 4th annual Teddy Bear Drive.


The event benefits Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and St. Joseph’s Hospital.


Rose has done some fantastic work the past few years.








“In 2015 we raised $450. In 2016 we raised $900 and last year we raised a whopping $1,500,” she said.


“Money is used to purchase over 570 Teddy bears along with art supplies for children in the hospital. This could not be possible without your love and support!”


Rose said the reason she does this is simple.


“I’ve always loved children and have wanted the best for them. I have a personal interest in the field of medicine. The Teddy Bear Drive allows me to combine my passions for music, helping kids, volunteering, and the medical field all into one,” she said.


”When a child comes to the hospital it can be a very scary moment. Unfamiliar people, machines, and environment. Sometimes a stuffed animal can comfort children in times of stress and chaos.”


Over the past four years Savanna Rose has raised $3,747 during the Teddy Bear Drive.


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