A love story in Barton: A gift for Essie

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Jan. 2, 2017 – Hank stared through the glass countertop examining the petite dolls with red lips and delicate bows. He was somewhat fascinated with the collection of modern hand mirrors as well as the array of small trinkets and baubles.
“I’m only going to be about 5 more minutes Hank so you might want to hop it,” said Deb, as she shoved a narrow brown box in place in the back room.
Hank couldn’t determine what to get Essie for Christmas. He knew she worked at Over the Moon and was surrounded by the items daily … but he wanted his gift to be ever so posh.
“Do you even know what you’re looking for?” asked Deb as she pulled the sweep broom past the heels of Hank’s brown shoes. “You know the gal is keen on you.”
Hank felt rushed and frustrated. How could he have left something so special go until the very last minute.
Then… in the corner he saw two simple birds in red Santa hats; they looked like sparrows. Simple. Clean. And somewhat clever. Hank picked them up gently and took them to the counter.
“Want them wrapped too?” asked Deb as she shuffled for some simple paper and ribbon.
Hank looked out the window as the street lights made the wet road look like ice.
Deb cleared her throat and rang the register to bring Hank back to reality. “This gift really doesn’t scream razzamatazz … but I think you’ve done a good job,” said Deb.
Hank pulled on his wool cap and skipped out the door. He couldn’t wait to give Essie the gift.
As he rounded Roosevelt Drive he ran a couple paces and then slid in the snow. He was getting a pretty good glide going – about four sidewalk squares at the most.
Hank could see the lights were on in the upper flat and smoke was coming out the chimney.
Joker’s 5 Bar & Grill donates hundreds of stuffed toys to Children’s Hospital
Young Mason Holbrook was in his element, loading stuffed toys into boxes to be delivered to the CICU at Children’s Hospital for Christmas.
It wasn’t long ago when Mason, 2, was at Children’s Hospital. Kay Holbrook said the 3rd annual Teddy Bear Drive at Joker’s 5 Bar & Grill collected over 200 stuffed animals which brighten the day for kids during the holiday season.

Thanks to all the patrons and family and friends from Joker’s 5 who participated.

Bob’s Main Street Auto & Towing in Barton advises motorists pack their car for winter emergencies.
Clara Moll celebrates 106th birthday
The Historic Barton Business Association dropped off a gift for Clara Moll who turned 106 years old just before Christmas. Moll lives on Salisbury Road in the same house she grew up in. The party was an intimate family affair, with a couple friends thrown in the mix.
Nephew Tom Cook wrote, “What an inspiration my Aunt Clara has been. She lives each day to the fullest, has been kind to all she has meet, and has faith in the Lord! She continues to impart wisdom even to this day when she turned 106!!”
Photo courtesy Fuzzy Dunkel
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