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Albrecht Free Clinic on the move in West Bend

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The Albrecht Free Clinic is relocating from its home on Oak Street in the lower level of Spaulding Clinical to the former Verre Young Eye Clinic/Mathis Music, 908 W. Washington Street.

“On Monday Local 2025 West Bend Fire Department will move us,” Jim Strachota, executive director of the Albrecht Free Clinic said.

“It was one of those things where, we’re never sure where we’re going to be,” Strachota said. “We’ve been in existence 19 years and have never actually owned a property; we’ve just been lease to lease.”

Since its inception in 1996 the Albrecht Free Clinic has moved to several locations, lived in cramped quarters, provided medical care off a cart and lived from short-term lease to short-term lease.

The clinic has been on Oak Street since 2010 and earlier this year as Strachota was set to approach Spaulding Clinical CEO Randy Spaulding for a long-term agreement Spaulding notified the Albrecht Clinic that its space was needed for expansion.

“This came as a surprise to both the board and me as we were preparing to start renovation for dental services,” Strachota said. “Fortunately the stars were aligned and the spirit of Dr. Albrecht directed us to a new site. Not only was this property currently available but for sale at a price we could afford.”

On June 18 an offer to purchase the property on W. Washington Street was accepted. “For the first time in our 19-year history, we have a place we can call our own,” Strachota said. “This location really fits our need and if everything goes according to plan we will have three full medical rooms and three full dental rooms.”

Strachota said the location of the building “will really be ideal” because W. Washington Street has a high-visibility factor. “It just really feels good and the size fits the community need,” he said of the 3,000-square-foot building.

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