American Metal & Paper celebrates Earth Week, April 17 – 22


April 13, 2017 – West Bend, WI – Watch for American Metal & Paper to roll out its Earth Week Specials on Friday. Pay special attention to recycling prices as American Metal & Paper Recycling, Inc. will pay 55 cents a pound between April 17 – 22 for aluminum cans.


More specials and giveaways all week including free pansy plants and an all-day pass to Mount Olympus Waterpark.


On a side note: This post followed Earth Week in May 2013: Quite a few people celebrated Earth Week by turning in their aluminum at American Metal & Paper Recycling Inc. Records show 2,289 customers recycled just over 85,600 pounds of aluminum. “It was a very busy week, people brought in everything including the kitchen sink,” said spokesman Geoff Radloff.


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