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Another adventure with my poor dad

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Went on a nice, scenic, hike in the Horicon Marsh with my dad on Sunday to see the fall colors.

For those of you not aware – my father is pushing 93 years old. He’s fit, except for the Alzheimer’s.  Which doesn’t really slow him down much except for the fact he doesn’t really remember things.

We took the long path out around the Horicon Marsh. It was very sunny, somewhat windy but pleasant temperatures. Just about every 100 yards or so I’d ask him how he was doing.





“I’m fine,” he’d say … like why am I even bother asking.

We did a pretty long stretch and turned around. He walks in silence, following a couple strides behind…. which is normal, I’m told, for people with Alzheimer’s.


On the way home I park the car just outside Nenno on Highway 33 to take a photo of a wire-wicket sign. “What are you doing,” he yells … like I’m crazy as I get out of the car.


I snap some photos and jump back in. “I’m taking a picture of that sign. It says Man Sale.”


I tell him it’s a sale down the street where men are lined up and you get to take your pick.  “I only have $2 and I don’t think I’d be able to get much with that,” I said.


My dad gives me a direct stare. “That’s not what that sign means,” he said.


“That’s what it means to me,” I said.


He gives me a blank look and waves me onward like… let’s get going already.


Then he says, “That just doesn’t sound right.”


Oh my poor dad. I still don’t think he appreciates having adventure with me.


Cedar Lake Sales

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