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Letter to the Editor | Ramthun is the candidate for 59th Assembly | By Bradley Petersen

July 16, 2018 – West Bend,WI – I attended the CSCWC (Common Sense Citizens of Washington County) candidate forum for the 59th Assembly this past Wednesday evening at the Moose Lodge in West Bend. All invited candidates were there, as were approximately 20 people, most of whom were already affiliated with the

Letter to the Editor: Real figures on Kewaskum referendum at nearly $38.4 million

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Dear Community,   On Nov. 8, crucial ballot decisions loom. Locally, we must decide whether or not to support a $28.4M referendum proposed by administration. The “conceptual” plan offered creates a range of unanswered questions. There are better plans and for me, the only choice now is to vote

Letter to the Editor: Kewaskum’s $28.4 million referendum is a $40+ million payback

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Dear community, As November 8 quickly approaches, we have a $28.4 million referendum question  on the ballot, looking us dead in the eye.  It’s a $40+ million payback over the next 20 years that will increase YOUR taxes! The proposed plan is an overreach, with more wants than needs. In

Letter to the Editor: Law enforcement unjustly targeted

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Our nation is under attack from within. People and groups of people are being pinned against each other. Blame is being cast against all police officers for the alleged mistakes of a few. Our president will not even stand by our law enforcement;  however, he will shout from the

Letter to the editor: WIAA

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Dear Editor, As a former athlete and high school student of the Kewaskum School District, there is no better atmosphere for students than sporting events. In Kewaskum, our student section at all sporting events has grown. Rivalries have been rejuvenated and pride in our sports from students to parents is at an all time
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