Bob’s Main Street Auto caters to the ladies

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The ladies got a good education Thursday night at Bob’s Main Street Auto in West Bend as technicians rolled out the red carpet and offered a primer on engine, oil, and simple maintenance advice to keep your car running smoothly.


Crawling in under the hood women with notepads jotted down notes about the difference between regular oil and synthetic and they learned mice liked to eat the wiring because of corn oil used in the plastic covering.

Moth balls and drier sheets were good deterrents to keeping the critters out of the warm engine area.


Tire pressure was also reviewed and questions answered like “should you run the front tires at a different pressure than the rear.”   There were also safety tips including keeping a blanket inside the vehicle and staying inside your vehicle if there’s an accident.


“I really liked this because it was a non-sales environment,” said Anne Barstow of Jackson.

Bob’s Main Street Auto also brought in experts from AAA and Advanced Auto Parts. There was wine and cheese to nosh while learning about transmission fluid and where to put the blue windshield wiper wash.


“I had a good time,” said Shelly Kehoe. “I really want to know more about my vehicle other than here’s where the gas goes. I’m not a dumb bunny, I’m a smart cookie – I get this.”


Bob’s Main Street Auto handed out raffle prizes and every woman in attendance will receive a followup “thank you” card that includes a free oil change.

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