Bo’s Child Loss Grief Group to open chapter in Washington County

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March 2, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse’s Child Loss Grief Group is now going to be accessible in Washington County, Wisconsin, thanks to the opening of our very FIRST Chapter!

The Adeline Chapter is going to cover the entirety of Washington County and anyone willing to travel from the surrounding counties as well.

As you can imagine, this is ENORMOUS news for Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse and we are ecstatic to have such a talented group of people a part of our mission.


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The purpose of Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse, as stated by its founder, Amanda Hartwig, is “to provide means of help and support to parents coping with the excruciating pain of child loss to our local area and throughout the United States. Our primary endeavor is to offer further financial, mental, physical support, and counsel to parents dealing with the loss of their child and to hopefully alleviate some of the painful heartache. In doing so, we hope to offer some guidance to families through this unimaginable time.”

A child loss safe haven for parents that have endured the unthinkable. The unimaginable.

Imagine. Your whole life changed. In the matter of a single Instant. One tragic life event,

that you pray about everyday. That you wish was different. This single life altering event, throws you into a lifetime of agonizing heartache and an unending wish to see your beloved child again.

Parents are suffering every single day from child loss. Every minute counts significantly. Child loss is the most taboo topic and in reality, it’s the one tragedy that is rarely talked about. One tragedy that is thrown to the wayside and sadly ignored.

But we need to talk about our children. It’s an essential part of healing. Parents of child loss, I beg you, please join me and break the silence. Stand your own sacred special ground and speak your truth, whatever that may be.

To be a voice for a parent or parents that feel like they can’t talk about their child. Join me by helping a mother or father through their grief. No, I cannot bring your precious child back. But I can help lead you to healing, maybe to give you some hope, maybe to even lead you to some peace. We can do this. Together.


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