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Campbellsport man arrested on multiple drug charges

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A 32-year-old Village of Campbellsport man remains in custody at the Washington County Jail as a result of a traffic stop on Pleasant Valley Rd west of US 45 on Monday (10/3/16).

The deputy observed the vehicle southbound on US 45 near Pleasant Valley Rd at 6:02 p.m. and initiated a traffic stop based upon three different equipment violations. The vehicle, occupied by three individuals, exited US 45 when the deputy activated his emergency lighting and slowly drove up the off-ramp before making a left turn onto Pleasant Valley Rd.

The vehicle then briefly stopped for one second and slowly began proceeding westbound again. The operator then made a U-turn and finally stopped on the eastbound shoulder. The deputy also became aware that the registered owner of the vehicle had an outstanding felony warrant out through the Department of Corrections.

After he stopped, the operator immediately exited the vehicle and began walking towards the deputy. The deputy noted the operator matched the description of the subject wanted on the felony warrant. When the deputy exited the squad car, the subject then began walking between the two vehicles and which point the deputy grabbed the subject’s hand and told him to stop. The subject then threw a zip lock type baggie behind him and into the roadway. The bag was later recovered and determined to contain narcotic drugs and paraphernalia.

The deputy advised the subject he was under arrest and decentralized the subject to the ground after the resistance continued. The deputy attempted to get the individual’s hands behind his back as the subject kept reaching underneath him into his waistband. The deputy was able to remove the subject’s right hand, but not the left hand. As a result of the suspect’s active resistance, the deputy deployed a Taser on the subject. The deputy ran three complete cycles without gaining compliance. A back-up squad arrived on scene and was able to assist taking the subject into custody.

In addition to the felony warrant, the subject is being held in custody for charges of possession of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest.

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