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City of Hartford weekly update | By City Administrator Steve Volkert | Train accident causes power outage

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July 13, 2018 – Hartford, WI – Administrator’s comments: Wednesday evening at roughly 5:53 p.m., a southbound traveling semi crossed the Wacker Drive railroad tracks and was clipped by an oncoming westbound train. The result was the semi-trailer being plowed into a telephone utility box and a Hartford Utility power pole holding three major circuits. Roughly 10 feet of pole were sheared off. Many electric customers in the area experienced a power glitch with only one (Wittenberger Bus) sustaining a long outage. Wittenberger was back up after seven hours. No one was hurt in the accident and investigation is ongoing. Traffic was rerouted around Wacker until Thursday morning.

Electric Utility responds to small outage: On Saturday, the Hartford Electric crew was on the scene of an electrical outage on 1st and Union. A contractor was drilling a hole in a house and pierced the electrical line. This caused the line to trip which effected 10 homes. The problem was solved in 30 minutes with all but the actual home owner getting power back.

High Street Water Tower back on line this weekend: The newly painted High Street water tower should be back on-line this Friday after the normal filling steps take place. This week, the utility will be partially filling the tank and adding the normal chlorine slurry. They then test the solution before filling the tank all the way up and testing a second time. The final water level will be met just before having the tower being brought back on-line. Once this tower is back, work will already start to get final bids on performing the same work on the Airport Road tower next Spring.

Water Utility staff talking with Maple Avenue residents on new ordinance: Hartford Water Utility staff are communicating with Maple Avenue residents this week introducing them to the new lead lateral ordinance put in place by the Common Council last month. The new ordinance makes it mandatory for any resident with lead laterals to replace those whenever the City is planning a complete road construction project in front of their home. Wisconsin DNR urges all communities to create such ordinances to replace all lead laterals whenever the community portion of the lateral from the water main is being replaced. It is found that the greatest risk of lead contamination occurs when one section of the lateral is replaced while the other is not.

Summer reading program registration reaching 900: The Jack Russell Memorial Library reports that nearly 900 children have already signed up for the Summer Reading Program in 2018. The current figure of 883 was reported to the Library board with more expected to sign up yet before the end of the program. “Libraries Rock” was the theme of this year’s program.

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