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City officials to discuss deer and the damage they’re causing in West Bend

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Nov. 14, 2016 – West Bend, WI – There’s going to be an update provided at tonight’s West Bend Common Council meeting regarding the Deer Management Assistant Program.

The city is discussing whether to issue special permits to allow bow hunting to trim the deer herd in local parks.

District 2 alderman Steve Hutchins outlined the proposal along with Dist. 1 alderman John Butschlick; both aldermen said they received a lot of complaints from neighbors who say the deer are eating their flowers and damaging their gardens.

“I was just driving taxi a couple weeks ago and I saw 30 deer in the field off Schmidt Road,” said Butschlick.

A special committee has been researching whether the number of deer are actually a problem in the city.

Butschlick said they’re trying to arrange an agreement with the local National Guard to use one of their helicopters to try and get an accurate count of the number of deer in the community.



More details on some of the issues regarding bow hunting in the park were discussed at a meeting on August 2. Click HERE to read more details.


From a community standpoint do you think there are too many deer in West Bend? Do you feel the population should be trimmed through a special permitting process?


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