Letter to the Editor | Closing launches on Big Cedar Lake confusing and unfair | By Dave Vorpagel

July 11, 2018 – West Bend, WI – I am opposed to further restricting parking and boat launch access on Big Cedar Lake.

As an avid lake-goer, I agree weekends can be busy with lots of boats and jet skis on the water.

There’s a lot to pay attention to while operating, and the last thing anyone wants is for there to be an accident.

However, for the most part I see good use of judgement and etiquette by operators, and the higher number of boats on weekends has been the norm for the last 30 years.

Lake patrol is seen regularly stopping watercraft that are in violation of lake rules as they should be. The recently posted “No Parking” signs are a good deterrent for less experienced boaters who might be ones more likely to cause accidents due to inexperience.

I do not think the boat launches should be further restricted to residents or guests of residents on the lake once the 34 parking spaces are full.

Residents on Big Cedar lake should be able to use their property for entertaining guests as they see fit including allowing guests to park legally at their residences.

As the recent posting of “No Parking” signs has essentially eliminated all but 34 additional boats to be on the lake, the only public parking is at the Gonring boat launch.

Opening and closing all three launches based on the parking availability at the Gonring location alone will be confusing, unfair, and impossible to properly monitor by whatever agency is charged with this duty.

It will also cause traffic hazards and potential safety issues with trucks/trailers lined up waiting to launch or trolling around on surrounding roads waiting for the next open parking space. I feel that this alone will cause more of a safety issue than there currently is on the lake itself.

I hope that my opinion expressed in this letter offers some value and input to discourage further restrictions.

Dave Vorpagel


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