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Construction at Meijer underway

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Biked out to see the construction work that started this week at the new home for Meijer on S. Main Street in the lot behind Menards that was formerly home to Bend Industries.


There was a backhoe tearing into the building in the back of the lot and a machine had already been through to break up all the pavement on the 30.6-acre site and that was pretty much all there was to see because project superintendent Alec Ribco was quick to intercept my nosing around.


He said Meijer was pretty private about its developments and kindly asked that I not post any photos. Ribco also inquired about who I was and how I got onto the site and I pointed to the open gate.


There was no sign saying not to enter … but, alas, that sign was posted on the gate on the opposite side of the lot.


So Ribco said he’d contact his boss to see if I could post updates in the future. I told him neighbors in the community would really appreciate it because they were very excited about “all things Meijer.”


On a side note – folks can watch the development from the public side of the Cyclone fence on Parkway Drive.


Meijer is building a 192,940-square-foot grocery. In September 2015 Meijer Stores purchased 30.65 acres from Bend Real Estate Holdings, LLC for $6.1 million.


Meijer Stores also purchased .357 acres from Glacier Hills Credit Union for $150,000.




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