Deaf twins reunite for 10 year old’s birthday | By Jackson Police Officer Gerke

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November 14, 2019 – Jackson, WI – Two years ago, I met a very shy little 2nd grader who approached me and asked me to wear a microphone during a presentation on Career Day at Jackson Elementary. The microphone connected to her hearing aid via Bluetooth and helped her hear the presentation better. The little girl’s name was Katelyn.

Jackson PD Officer Gehrke

She told me she wears a hearing aid in her left her and I told her I did too, but hadn’t wore it since I was her age. All of a sudden the voice of my mother came straight out of that little 4-foot-tall, dark-haired girl! 😳

 She asked where it was and why I wasn’t wearing it. When I told her I didn’t know where it was, I was pretty certain she was about to ground me to my room with no TV. After she reeled back the voice of my mother, she and I decided that we were deaf twins and a friendship blossomed. I see Katelyn quiet frequently at school and around town, she really is an awesome kid.








So earlier this fall, while I was visiting the school, she asked if I found it yet. After I told her I hadn’t, she threatened not to wear hers. That’s when I’m pretty sure I sounded like her mother when I told her she better wear hers, because she’s much smarter than me. That day, she made me promise that I’d find mine by her birthday, November 13th.

Today is Katelyn’s 10th birthday and I held up my end of the bargain. With the assistance of Katelyn’s mother and her teacher, Mrs. Feiter, I surprised her during her birthday celebration at school today.

I sure hope the world is ready for Miss Katelyn, she’s definitely going places and a force to be reckoned with! I’m thankful she allows me to be her friend. No need to be the same piece of vanilla cake when you can be the piece of confetti cake!

Happy Birthday Katelyn, hope your day was awesome. 😊

Photo courtesy Jackson PD
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