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Wisconsin is Open for Business | By Emily Liddicoat from American Companies

Jan. 12, 2019 – West Bend, WI – At his inauguration Monday, Governor Evers said, “The people of Wisconsin demanded a change this November, and that change is coming.”

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One of the first changes Governor Evers made is to our state’s welcome signs.  He replaced the “Open for Business” plaques with his name and title.

In 2011, “Open for Business Signs” were added to the Wisconsin welcome signs along our borders with Minnesota and Illinois.  Changing these signs sends a message to the residents of Wisconsin, and to other states as well.  We at American Companies want to correct this message.


Despite the Governor’s opinion, Wisconsin is indeed open for business.

At American we believe in “Building the American Dream for Entrepreneurs.”  We are currently constructing two hotels, a medical facility, apartment buildings, and an office addition in Wisconsin.  Throughout our county and our state, businesses are being constructed and added onto.  While our new governor may think Wisconsin is no longer open for business, at American Companies, we are just getting started.






About American Companies

Together, American Companies are a full-service Commercial Design l Build l Develop l Real Estate firm which includes American Construction Services (ACS), American Architectural Group (AAG) and American Commercial Real Estate (ACRE).  Since 1980, ACS and AAG have built a solid reputation through their expertise in construction management, architectural design and structural engineering.  ACRE was added in 2018 to round out their portfolio by offering property sales, leasing, management and investment services.

American Companies are based in West Bend, WI and serves the northern Midwest states.  They specialize in commercial and industrial buildings including hospitality, medical, retail and multi-family facilities.

At American Companies, “Our job is to allow you to do yours.”

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