Former West Bend H.S. math teacher’s painting wins 2017 DNR stamp

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Kaitlyn Von Behren, reporter for the West Bend  Current, has published a great story about former West Bend East High School teacher Bill Millonig. A portion of her story is below.


In August, a painting by Millonig was chosen as the winning trout stamp for 2017. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources holds yearly contests for the stamps, which residents must purchase to hunt or fish the particular species.

Millonig has designed nine total stamps, including four trout, two turkey, and one each for pheasant, salmon, and duck.

Now retired from teaching, Millonig cannot remember a time in his life without drawing and painting.

His mother nurtured this love for art. She took the time to learn about and create art even during the Great Depression.

“She was very artistic and got me started at a young age. I was very lucky to have that,” he said.

Millonig’s father, a hunter and fisherman, also had an influence on Millonig’s art.

“Hunting and fishing with my dad was a real treat,” Millonig said. “That combination of ….


Read the rest of Kaitlyn Von Behren’s story by logging onto The Current or clicking HERE.


Image: Bill Millonig’s trout painting earned recognition by the Wisconsin DNR.

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