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Hartford’s Corey McCauley named Educator of the Year for the Wisconsin Technology Education Association

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Feb. 18, 2017 – Hartford, WI – Congratulations to Mr. Corey McCauley, Technology & Engineering Educator who has been named the Educator of the Year for the Wisconsin Technology Education Association. This is a significant honor and distinction.   HUHS and our students are fortunate to have Mr. McCauley as a teacher. 
Mr. McCauley has been sharing his love and passion for Technology and Engineering Education for the last 22 years and has kept a brisk pace. During his time in education, Mr. McCauley has taught high school students, adults through the technical college system, and his peers in TEE through summer courses and other professional development he has led. He continues to be a lifelong learner, learning new techniques and keeping pace with industry trends.

Mr. McCauley’s educational philosophy for his courses holds firm to the belief that regardless if a student is college or career bound, every student will gain necessary, life skills they can use through Technology and Engineering courses. His courses focus on project-based learning by incorporating modern technology and hands-on techniques that are currently used in today’s manufacturing world and workforce. He strives to add creativity to his courses through unique experiences. His Fabrication Methods course designed and created all of the wood cut-outs that decorated the Hartford Holiday River Walk this season. Beyond that, he continues to provide his students with a global view of TEE.  Hecompleted an Externship last summer at Signicast to keep abreast of industry and to share those experiences in his daily teaching and methodology.
Mr. McCauley is currently teaching Welding Processes I & II, Fabrication Methods, Automated Manufacturing, and Auto Maintenance. Outside of the school day, he co-advises theHUHS SkillsUSA chapter that has had great success and continues to provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Mr. McCauley was also recently inducted into the Richland Center Wrestling Hall of Fame and serves as an Assistant Wrestling Coach at HUHS.
Beyond the courses that he teaches and educational opportunities that Mr. McCauley provides our students, it is his outgoing and fun-loving personality that draws people to him. He has a unique way of working with students that draws both high-level and  struggling learners to always feel comfortable and laughing while learning.
After his days at HUHS end, Mr. McCauley is a member of our community where he and his wife Katie are raising their four children; Emma, Halli, Isabel, and Henry. He is also active in community sports and enjoys playing softball and volleyball in his “free time”.
Congratulations to Mr. Corey McCauley.  It is easy to see why he was selected as the Wisconsin Technology & Engineering Educator of the year.  He is well deserving and has earned this honor!
Courtesy Hartford Union High School

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