Hartford’s Weekly Memorandum by Steve Volkert

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Administrators Update:

Electricity Holds Up in Wind Storm: While tens of thousands in Milwaukee County reported power outages during this past weekend’s wind storm, Hartford Electric experienced no power outages or interruptions of any type.
Emerald Ash Borer Expansion Observed: During annual review of street trees along city power lines, it was discovered that the Emerald Ash Borer problems have escalated in the City. The Electric Utility is planning on budgeting more in 2017 for increased efforts to eradicate the problem. Last year’s report showed less effect of this growing problem in SE Wisconsin.

Electric Utility rolls out new bucket truck: The new bucket truck which was a part of the 2016 capital plan was received this past week and is now in use.

Hwy 60 Reliever Route Updates: The County Hwy Committee will be reviewing the options and costs of updating the 2005 Hwy 60 Reliever Route plan at their monthly meeting, Tuesday, March 1, at 8 a.m. At that time, a recommendation by staff to have SEWRPC update the study will be presented for vote.

Justin and I joined Ald Michalak and Hegy in Madison Wednesday for a presentation to the DOT and a few state representatives (Kremer and Gannon) on the Hwy 60 reliever. The overlying result was that we are headed in the right direction of working with the County to make this a County road but they will be glad to work with us on any state funding options that might be available to such a project.

Police Dept invites Elected Officials to Mini-Academy: Members of the Common Council are invited to check out the Mini Police Academy taking place March 7th – 11th at the Schauer Center. Nationally known speakers will be on hand and over 680 officers from throughout the state will be attending. Local restaurants and hotels will be greatly impacted.

Legislative Notes:  SB 51 was passed which makes several changes improving reporting and transparency regarding the performance of TIF districts, including requiring a community to submit an annual report by July 1 describing the status of each existing TID to each overlying taxing jurisdiction as well as to DOR. This will increase our reporting requirements but fortunately, all of our TIF’s are healthy

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