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Huge turnout for DNR and Wis. Conservation Congress Annual meeting | By Brett Weir

April 12, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – The Department of Natural Resources Annual Spring Fish & Wildlife Public Hearing & Wisconsin Conservation Congress Annual Spring County meeting was held before a full house Monday, April 9 at UW-Washington County.
A “feisty group” at Washington County’s Spring Hearing Monday night.
Hot topics:          CWD, Chronic Wasting disease
                              CDAC report, County Deer Advisory Committee – Preliminary Recommendations
                              Walleye Regulations
                              Permit Fees for non-motorized watercraft
                              Reinstate Deer Hunting back tags
Bernie Newman was reelected to a three-year delegate term.  Charles “Chucker” Dreher, first-time candidate, was elected to a two-year term.  Over 170 people were in attendance with 97 registered voters.
Brett Weir is the incoming County Chair
Tashina Peplinski in the incoming Vice Chair
Our Mission:
The Wisconsin Conservation Congress is the only statutory body in the state where citizens elect delegates to advise the Natural Resources Board and the Department of Natural Resources on how to responsibly manage Wisconsin’s natural resources for present and future generations. The Congress accomplishes this through open, impartial, broad-ranged actions.





Wisconsin Conservation Congress YouTube video is available by clicking HERE
Community member Paula Becker also attended Monday’s meeting and her thoughts are below.
This was my third time attending the Spring hearings. These were some of her thoughts and observations. Though the hunters/outdoorsmen can get pretty vocal at times, this was one of the most outspoken crowds she has seen. The questions that brought about the most impassioned comments and debate were probably the ones regarding the types of bows hunters can use during Archery season and it’s length, possible changes in the dates/lengths of other various hunting/fishing seasons, additional rules that would help alleviate the spread of CWD, and the prospect of additional fees imposed by the DNR for various items including an annual fee (or one time) for non-motorized water crafts, such as Kayaks, which are growing quickly in popularity. The meeting covered many more topics and included a list of 54 Yes/No advisory questions and 18 citizen-written proposals for the public to weigh in on, via ballot.
One last observation. The general public has a distrust for the WI DNR that I think is ingrained in the subconscious of most Wisconsinites. After all, who hasn’t heard their parents, grandpa or Uncle Bill complain in quite colorful language about the DNR growing up? I think we all have. It is a sport in itself, it seems.
While walking back my car, I overheard an attendee say something to the effect of, “It doesn’t matter what the public wants anyway, the DNR will do what it wants and will screw us over.” However, this gentleman was also unaware the questions were available for the public to read over, well before Monday’s meeting. He complained about that, too.”


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