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Jackson Weekly Update by John Walther

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Police Department
Officers are having a practice firearms exercise at the county’s outdoor range this week and next week.
A driver’s safety belt, which needed replacing, was installed in Squad #1.
It was an extremely busy week, including ten assists with Jackson Rescue, several vehicle crashes, an
OWI arrest, an emergency detention, and routine calls for service.
The police department will join the fire department at the annual elementary school Halloween parade on
Friday afternoon.


Fire Department
It was a busy week with 24 medical calls – twice the average – for a variety of emergencies.
There were also six fire calls. One of the fire calls was outside of the territory, involving a vehicle that had
been towed to a lot from an accident, then caught fire, and spread to two other vehicles. Crews quickly
extinguished the fire and saved a large number of vehicles from going up in flames. Another vehicle lost
control and struck a guard rail on USH 45 causing considerable damage. A Wednesday night fire call was
due to considerable rainfall that day, with water entering a circuit breaker box through the wall causing
initial arcing and flames. Residents shut off the breaker box, fortunately without shock. We stress not to
touch a sparking electrical box, to avoid electrocution.
Monday training entailed documentation of medical reports, presented by Aurora Hospital of Grafton.
Also that night, the JFD delivered free pizzas to random homes in an effort to ensure their smoke
detectors were functioning properly. Thank you to the Pizza Station for donating all of the pizzas. If you
do not have working smoking detectors, contact the JFD and one will be provided to you.
Joint Parks and Recreation
Monday, the Community Center hosted a blood drive for the Blood Center. The stats aren’t yet available.
Simplex Grinnell conducted fire inspections on Tuesday, followed by a fire drill for both 4K classes and
Tot Time.
Downtown Milwaukee “Lights & Desserts Tour” is Thursday, December 8. The registration deadline is
November 17 – SO PLEASE REGISTER TODAY. This is an awesome new trip series.
There are still spaces available to register for Froedtert & the Medical College “Balance and Dizziness
Workshop” on Nov. 10. Please register ASAP.
A Village Employee Luncheon was held today at the JACC to welcome Jeff Kreutzinger to the Water
Department, 4K teachers Lauren Dohman and Angie Jeske, and Tot Time teachers Kim Marshall and Ann
Marie DiGangi.
The Wisconsin Parks & Recreation Association State Conference will be held next week. Kelly, Renee,
and Jess will be there as Casey Latz receives the “Fellowship Award” for Outstanding Community
Service for Parks & Recreation.
Building Inspection
Footings were started for the ComForCare (and Just Like Home Adult Day Center) on Delaney Court.
A final inspection was completed for the Wheat Group in the Delaney IV building this week.
Public Works
The Jackson Water Utility has completed the fall fire flows. The mud valves were flushed at both towers.
A water lateral was installed at the new East Side Car Wash which required special hours for the water
main shutdown. The contractor will be charged for the overtime. The cathodic protection was inspected
and passed for both towers and the booster station this week. There were seventy-nine Digger’s Hotline
locates for the month of October averaging four per day. A few high water consumption complaints are
being investigated. Most people forget about the lawn watering they did during the summer.
The Street & Parks Department worked on normal maintenance, broken trash containers, and mowing
various locations in the Village. The crew continued picking bags and chipping brush. The chipper had to
be taken to Vermeer to have the engine idle switch replaced. It will hopefully be back on Monday. A
clutch was installed in the 2008 mower. The wings and salters are being installed on the plow trucks.
Parkway trees are being trimmed in the Highland Creek Farms Subdivision.
At the WWTP, the crew is completing work orders. The Jackson Sewer Utility hosted the Mid-Moraine
Collective Group on Thursday, a group of forty-one WWTP operators from Washington and Ozaukee
Counties, and staff from the DNR, Sweetwater, Washington County, and various engineering firms; all to
discuss solutions for the proposed TMDLs in the Milwaukee River Basin mandated by the EPA.
The Wilshire Drive streetlights are finally installed and lighting the way.
All of the concrete has been poured on the Industrial Drive sidewalk project. The landscaping will be
completed once the ground dries.
The base gravel has been installed on the Stonewall sidewalk project, and the retaining wall is being
constructed to accommodate the required handrail.
Utility payments continue to stream in. They are due Nov. 5.
The office continues to prepare for the Nov. 8 General Election. Well over 1,000 absentee votes
have been received in advance of the election. The steady stream of voters has caused the Village to
employ election inspectors to receive the sealed ballots. It appears that due to the number of responses
that voters will be out of town on Election Day, the Village will be half-deserted come Nov. 8.
The public test with training will be on Monday, October 31 at 2 p.m.
Trustee Kurtz and the Administrator attended the Mid-Moraine Municipal Association dinner meeting in
Hartford on Wednesday evening. Executive Director Jerry Deschane and Assistant Director Curt
Witynski of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities presented the topic “Advocating for the Municipal
Agenda in the State Capitol” including the League’s proposed agenda for the upcoming 2017 legislative
session. The DOR’s recent reinterpretation of Expenditure Restraint Payment was also addressed.
Representatives of Vandewalle & Associates and the County Deputy Administrator of Planning and Parks
were here Thursday to review the Village of Jackson Community Redevelopment Plan in preparation for
the Community Workshop scheduled for Wednesday evening, Nov. 16, from 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Please
make an effort to attend this public input meeting to provide ideas for making the Village of Jackson an
even better place to live and work.



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