Jackson weekly update by John Walther

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jackson Wupdate
Some folks from China and the Czech Republic tried to hack our internet page without success. Coincidentally, the chief will do a presentation about internet frauds for the Greater Jackson Business Alliance on Wednesday.

Fire Department

Jackson fire chief, aaron sweany
There were eleven medical calls of which most were incidents of trauma. There were also six fire calls, including two vehicle rollovers on USH 45, a motorcycle accident, an activated fire alarm, a vehicle with a gasoline leak, and a Hazardous Material incident.
The Jackson Fire Department was called to the U.S. Post Office on Cedar Park Court at 12:54 p.m. Thursday after employees complained of headaches and a chemical odor. West Bend and Milwaukee HazMat teams, Wisconsin State Patrol, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and North Shore Environmental all responded to the scene. The Jackson Office will be closed until it is determined to be safe for customers and workers. The mail will still be delivered in the Village.
The Jackson Fire Department has completed this year’s fire prevention presentations to local area schools and daycare centers. Fire prevention week culminated with the Wednesday evening open house. There was an impressive turnout despite the brisk weather. Thank you to everyone who attended. The JFD asks you to practice your escape routes with your children and check your smoke detectors to make sure they are functioning correctly.
Joint Parks and Recreation
Tuesday, Walgreens held their “Shoo the Flu” event with Flu shots at the Community Center.
Thanks to Dr. Charmoli and Jackson Family Dentistry for providing yummy snacks to our Flag Football teams on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
Adult Ping Pong and Pool Leagues began this week.
The Action in Jackson Committee met on Thursday. Each of the four charter groups that ran the event (Legion Post 486, Legion Auxiliary, the Greater Jackson Business Alliance, and the Joint Park & Rec.) each received $4,325.00. Thank you to all our businesses, volunteers, and community support! Next year’s dates are June 9, 10, and 11, so mark your calendars.
Building Inspection
Foundation walls and the inside sewer were installed this week at the Eastside Mart car wash.
The remaining six units in the second apartment building in Cranberry Creek Estates have been released this week. To date, a total of 24 units have been released for occupancy.
A temporary occupancy permit was issued to Lumber Sales to occupy the office areas only. Machine installation is allowed at this time only in the warehouse area.
Public Works
This week the Director of Public Works, Utility Superintendent, and Wastewater Supervisor attended the 50th Annual Conference of the Wisconsin Wastewater Operators’ Association in La Crosse, hosted by the City of La Crosse Wastewater Treatment Plant. The theme of the conference was “Protecting Wisconsin Waters”, and featured several keynote speakers, operator competitions, and numerous technical sessions.
The Village Clerk’s Office continues to be busy with in-person absentee voting, registration, and absentee ballot requests in preparation for the November 8th General Election.
Deanna continues to prepare for the 2017 Budget. She is waiting for more detailed numbers from the Department of Revenue such as the 2016 Statement of Assessment and Expenditure Restraint (for 2018).
Deanna will attend a Washington County Treasurers’ meeting on Monday, October 17, at the county regarding the upcoming tax collections.
We received the General Transportation Aid numbers for next year – reduced by $12,000 from 2016.
Budget tweaking continues. Some of the State aid numbers have come in. Workshops are scheduled for the next two (or three) Tuesdays.
The WCMA Region meeting was held Wednesday in Mequon. It seems numerous communities have given up trying to qualify for the Expenditure Restraint payment due to the Department of Revenue’s recent re-interpretation of the rules. The Village will continue to work to find a way to qualify for its payment.
The topic for this morning’s session of the Municipal Employers Association of Southeastern Wisconsin was “How Will the New FLSA Rules on Overtime Exemptions Impact Your Municipality?”

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