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Karen Betz files non-candidacy for WB School Board

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There are two seats up for election this spring on the West Bend School Board. Early word is School Board President Randy Marquardt will seek another term however Board Vice President Karen Betz has filed a Declaration of Non-candidacy.

Betz ran for the school board in the spring of 2013. She penned a note, posted below, noting her accomplishments and reason for her decision.

Thank you Karen Betz for your service to the community.


Karen Betz

Today I wanted to share with you that I will be filing my Declaration of Non-Candidacy for my seat on the West Bend Joint School District Board. It has been a rewarding experience however after 15 years with Kohl’s Corporate in Menomonee Falls; I’ve retired to head west and begin a new career in business leadership consulting.
I’m very proud of the West Bend School District’s accomplishments during my tenure.


We developed and executed a balanced budget that supported growth and innovation, an on-site health center that not only delivered significant savings but also increased the quality and availability of health care and maintenance to the entire school district system; and we listened and acted on our parents, students and teachers concerns about the increased number of assessments.


This year the administration reduced that number while still allowing the district to measure growth and development. Finally, I’m extremely proud of the fact that as a school board, after very productive discussion and review, we approved the Community Based 4-K Program. I believe that this wise investment of resources will provide both short term and long term benefits to our students, teachers and community.
Taking my seat, I would like to see an individual who will follow in my footsteps and will:
• Recognize the need to invest resources wisely with an eye on fiscal conservancy. Yes these two can co-exist!
• Genuinely talk in terms of the other person’s interests and see things from another point of view.
• Value and serve the diverse stakeholder group in our community.
• Continue to support our journey as a destination for career, college and life readiness!
I would like to thank all those individuals and groups who supported and shared feedback and guidance during my election and term. I wish the West Bend Joint School District board, administration, staff/teachers and students much continued success!

Karen Betz

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