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Letter to the Editor: Autographs stolen but memories remain | By Rob Hintz


June 15, 2017 – Town of Erin, WI – Reporter Jacob Moeller wrote a nice article from the U.S. Open about Rob Hintz and the 100 autographs he collected during the practice rounds at Erin Hills. Turns out, that pin flag with all the signatures was stolen shortly after the photo was taken.

Below is a note from Hintz.


Thanks for the nice write-up and photo. Unfortunately the flag disappeared about a half an hour after the photo was taken.

In the mayhem that ensued when Jordan Spieth finished his round, the flag was nowhere to be found after he finished signing autographs for other fans.

While someone else may now be in possession in an ill-gotten pin flag, with numerous autographs to boot, they won’t be able to share in the experiences or have the memories that I’ve developed in interacting with all the players.


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