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Letter to the Editor | Desiring the very best educational opportunity for West Bend | By Mary Weigand

Feb. 9, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – My name is Mary Weigand and I am running for school board in West Bend.

I made the decision to run for a seat on the school board because I wish to invest in the families and the future of our local schoolchildren by representing constituents in the West Bend School District that desire the very best educational opportunities in their community.
Education is a personal passion of mine. My husband and I home-schooled our children during part of their education and were very involved while they attended the West Bend Public Schools. On a personal note, I am also a lifelong learner, having finished my nursing degree just 3 years ago.
I believe schools are about teaching which should be given the highest regard in a commitment to excellence. Teaching should be about facts, not feelings.
School curriculum and education, in general, is selective and not comprehensive; there is not time enough to teach everything that could be taught. Recent policy changes have made the Board more relevant in decisions about curriculum. I would love to dive into this issue and make positive changes for the families and kids we serve. 
In addition, I believe curriculum choices should take the values of the community into consideration. I have talked to many parents who find this approach refreshing.
I have been attending school board meetings regularly and have twice been on the Human Growth and Development Committee in our district. I currently sit on the Citizen Facilities Advisory Committee for the school district.
My values are conservative and reflect the values of  residents in the school district. My husband and I pay plenty of taxes for our schools. Those dollars need frugal oversight. 
I am available to talk if you have any questions. I would be honored to have your vote in the Feb. 20th primary.
To see more of my values and ideas for better schools go to my website:




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