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Letter to the Editor | Gundrum – A Leader for the 58th | By Timothy C. Michalak

Dec. 8, 2017 – Washington Co., WI –  I have the privilege of working with Rick Grundrum on the Washington County Board and have witnessed up-close what real leadership looks like.  Rick’s bold moves have recently been dishonestly disparaged in the press.  There are those that either do not understand state/county financing, or purposely mischaracterize actions taken by the County Board for political gain.

The State of Wisconsin has put fiscal constraints and levy limits into place that are forcing counties across the state to make tough decisions.  Washington County is a leader in innovation by working with adjoining counties to consolidate services, saving the taxpayers money and oftentimes improving the services provided.  We even had the legislature change state statutes so we could move forward with our consolidation of health services between Washington and Ozaukee Counties.

Under Rick Gundrum’s leadership, Washington County offered to begin discussions with other counties to consider joining together and further improving services while decreasing costs.  Opponents will try to paint this as some sort of failure.  That is patently false.  This is creative, forward-thinking leadership!  It may not be recognized by some on the left as it is so rarely seen in a government official.

Rick is not a go-along-to-get-along politician.  He is a straight-shooting, honest, kind person I am honored to call friend and will do a great job in the State Assembly for citizens of the 58th Assembly District.  Rick’s the real deal and you will be well served to cast your vote for Rick on Dec. 19.




Timothy C. Michalak

Mayor – City of Hartford

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