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Letter to the Editor: Law enforcement unjustly targeted

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Our nation is under attack from within. People and groups of people are being pinned against each other. Blame is being cast against all police officers for the alleged mistakes of a few. Our president will not even stand by our law enforcement;  however, he will shout from the rooftops that we need stricter gun control. Guns did not kill the officers; an American Army Veteran killed the officers. Cars do not drive drunk, pencils do not make spelling mistakes and guns do not kill people; people kill people.

We need to stand united as a nation. Society will continue to falter from within due to the lack of federal leadership we currently have in place. We need leaders who will stand with law enforcement at all levels.

Dallas police shooting victims

Dallas police shooting victims, Photo courtesy: CNN

Dallas police officers, admirably performing within their profession of protection and service, were slain while protecting a group of Black Lives Matter protesters voicing their concerns. The officers were protecting a group of people that were actually rallying to protest law enforcement, yet the officers continued to serve and protect the people as it was their obligation and duty.

My heart goes out to the families of the police officers in Dallas who were shot and killed.  I pray for all law enforcement personnel and the noble profession they serve as they are unjustly being targeted.  I also pray for our nation to unify against this injustice and violence.


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