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Letter to the Editor | Looking for leadership on County Board | By Sherrie Meyerpeter


Dec. 6, 2017 – Washington Co., WI – Rick Gundrum claims he is a fiscal conservative but his record tells the truth. He has been on the Washington County Board for 12 years which has mismanaged the budget to the point that the Board wrote a letter in 2017 that was sent to the Waukesha and Ozaukee county boards requesting a consolidation of the counties. The letter outlined the “grim” future of Washington County which starts each year with a $1.8 million budget deficit. By their own financial analysis, they will be $11 million in the hole by 2021. The other counties wanted no part of that debt.

Despite this grim outlook, the board isn’t curtailing spending or bad financial decisions. Rick Gundrum authorized $145,000 in gift cards to county employees. Let’s not forget the Cabela’s loan/refinance that allowed them to not have to pay back $4.2 million if they did not meet their financial targets.

Despite claiming the board would not raise taxes, they are implementing fees. Fees is just code for taxes. It will now cost $5 a visit or $30 annually to visit county parks. That’s more than a state park pass.

It’s time to look for new leadership for this County. Gundrum’s failed leadership is not what District 58 needs. Rick Gundrum is trying to jump from a sinking ship.



Sherrie Meyerpeter

Slinger, WI


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