Letter to the Editor | Mary Weigand for West Bend School Board | By Susan L. Dwyer

March 15, 2018 – West Bend, WI – Dear Editor: There is an election coming up on April 3 that will ultimately decide who will represent our voice on the West Bend School Board. The available seats need to be filled by someone who will answer the tough questions that constituents are asking, not shy away from questions after long board meetings or require any “jumping of hoops” in order to have a conversation. The candidate that qualifies best for this position is Mary Weigand. 

Mary has been faithfully serving her community in a number of capacities over many years. She truly desires to invest in the families of the West Bend School District by doing her best to bring excellent educational opportunities to our community. Mary’s plan to zero in on teaching while impacting curriculum selection is something we have not heard in a long time. I believe Mary will be a leader on the board in making positive selections for our schoolchildren and serving the residents in the district.


And her input regarding a choice for a desperately needed Superintendent for our schools is what we need. She knows the right questions to ask a candidate.


I couldn’t be more excited about this conservative name on our ballot April 3. Please join me in voting for Mary Weigand for West Bend School Board on April 3.

And because you can vote for two candidates, my other choice is Monte Schmiege.  With Mary and Monte, we will have a conservative voice on the School Board!


Susan L. Dwyer

West Bend, WI

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