Letter to the Editor: Questioning America’s public school system | By David R. Melstrand


April 1, 2018 – West Bend, WI – To Judy Steffes, all school board members and administrators of the West Bend School System and to all others concerned:

Here is some feedback important to the upcoming school board elections. I have three boys that attend West Bend Schools. One at McLane Elementary, another at Silverbrook and also Badger Middle School. Here are just a few, ONLY A FEW, of the experiences they share with me about school.

My oldest son in the first three weeks at Badger was asked if he likes marijuana and if he wanted to go get high. He has explained to me numerous times the behavior and experiences he has had with another student who claims to be bisexual. Recently, he had a student send him a note that stated there was an existing “crush.” The note came from another boy. He personally witnessed several girls who were given free time make use of the tablets by filming themselves kissing each other. After they were finished my son went up to the tablets and deleted the files.

Here is the opening sentence from “The Leipzig Connection” by Paoli Lionni:

IN the final years of the last century, a great transformation began in American

education. By the end of the first world war, Americans would notice increasingly

a change in the way their children were being educated. In the succeeding decades,

the same schools that once nurtured the American dream would become infested with

drugs and crime, and high schools would be graduating students who could barely read,

spell, or do simple arithmetic.”


Here are some more important facts. The American Public School system is currently one of the worst in the world. This fact can be verified inside of ten minutes by doing a search for OECD PISA. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conducts the Program of International Student Assessment every three years by assessing 514,000 students worldwide and America comes in at the F level. John Taylor Gatto, the three time New York City Teacher of the Year and one time New York State Teacher of the Year, reveals volumes about the American Public School System when he states quite succinctly:


“School is a twelve-year jail sentence where bad habits are the only curriculum truly

learned. I teach school and win awards doing it. I should know.”


The web link contains more than 30 Gatto quotes that indicate quite clearly the public school system in America is not about education at all. Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt was appointed to the position of Senior Advisor in the Department of Education by Ronald Reagan and her 750 page book, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” can be found on line for free. I think the title speaks for itself. In less than five minutes a person can be watching Dr. Antony Sutton explain the satanic influences of the “Skull and Bones” graduates and their financial backing of G Stanley Hall with Rockefeller money and his acquisition of the coveted PhD in psychophysics that could only be accomplished in Leipzig at the time. When one has the right information it is not surprising that Dr. Hall did not use this degree to start his own clinic helping those that required it but instead went to work at one of the main teaching centers in America and soon graduated John Dewey and many others. This all occurred around 1890 and after and when one has this and more important information it can be understood why the school system in America does not teach the full truth about American History, the Federal Reserve System, Nicola Tesla, Henry Ford, World Wars I and II, Martin Luther King and much, much more. The amount of highly competent researchers and news analysts on line revealing the truth about the school system in America grows every year. I could type for many hours more and provide verifiable facts that prove public school in America right now is nothing more than glorified baby-sitting. Here are just a few:


The sulfur found at Sodom and Gomorrah, which can be seen on you tube being dug right out of the surface of the ground with a simple knife and then burning very hot with a blue flame after being lit up with a lighter, is one hundred percent pure sulfur and can only be found at those locations described in Genesis and nowhere else in the world.

The Turkish government acknowledged the existence of Noah’s Ark in the mountains of Ararat in 1987 and it has been a tourist stop ever since. The ark length measurement of 300 cubits matches the dimension given in Genesis when the Egyptian royal cubit is used. The region of Cairo, Egypt is where one of Noah’s sons Ham, also known as Mizriam, settled after the time of the flood.

DNA is the code of life found in all living organisms. It is written with 3 character combinations and controls all actions of life and metabolism. This is more efficient than the current 4 character combinations of binary code used in computer programming, accomplishes much more, and has the capacity to replicate itself.

At Groton where tuition is $56,000 annually, students are required to study religion for two years. What a sad statement about the school system in America when one considers the meaning of the Preamble of the Wisconsin State Constitution can’t even be taught in its own public schools. The preamble of all state constitutions could be researched in an hour on line and one could safely state they all reference God or The Almighty Law Giver.

John Taylor Gatto spent ten years studying the 14 points of the curriculums of the elite boarding schools and one of those points is the study of human nature through thorough study of religion, law, philosophy and history. He states that by studying this a person can learn a lot about why people have behaved the way they did in the past, why they behave the way they do now and why they probably always behave this way. It can be safely stated public school in America is very, very far away from this kind of an understanding.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt can be seen on line reading from an actual “Skull and Bones” membership book. The book belonged to her dad who was a graduating member.

Professor Stotsky’s lecture/presentation given in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin, can be seen on you tube. She obviously is not in favor of common core.

There is so much amazing American and World History on you tube and the internet produced by highly competent sources that the idea of how ridiculous school in America is can be proven rather quickly.


The idea that school in America and West Bend is somehow going to change for the better is ridiculous. After all, governments are not going to educate their citizens to be free and independent thinkers when doing so would only cause them to realize they don’t need very much government and they would soon do away with much of it, especially government involvement in education. The addition of more administrators and educators with Master’s degrees and PhD’s isn’t going to change anything. The feel-good emails sent out by the West Bend School system are a joke. Especially when they state that the new person they just hired uses research-based ideas. As stated before, proper research indicates that the American Public School System is one of the worst in the world. And unless someone is bringing something completely new to the curriculum what research could exist that proves anything is currently producing competitive results?

Right now the only chance the children of West Bend schools, and America for that matter, have is the addition of teachers and board members with a conservative background that would want control over curriculum returned to the local level. John Taylor Gatto accomplished this on his own and I would think that schools would be screaming to implement his methods immediately. His published books and works provide many answers and also his speech recorded by C-Span can be seen on you tube. At the end of the speech he states he was so successful by quite simply using home school techniques. But who wants success in the schools in West Bend and America? The past 40 years indicate nothing but decline.

If I am incorrect then I suggest an open, public debate between myself and anyone else. The West Bend High School auditorium provides ample seating and technical resources. I would also suggest a mediator, agreed upon questions and timed responses. I would also want the public to be made aware and all major media invited for coverage. A good topic would be “The legitimacy of the American Public School System.”


Obviously, my children are not in public school by my choice.





David R. Melstrand, Hartford

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