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Letter to the Editor: Questioning the integrity of the Kewaskum School Board By Doug Gonring


March 28, 2017 – Kewaskum, WI – I have quite a few questions concerning actions by the Kewaskum School Board and how it affects the community. I’m not alone.


An article was published in the Feb. 9, 2017 Kewaskum Statesman, ‘Kewaskum School District Considers New Building Plan.’


It said after 18 months of development by administration, the Long Range Planning Committee, Bray Architect and CD Smith, that 60 days after the referendum passed a board member indicated, “The whole board will be eating crow because it is the right thing to do.”


How can that happen? How do you meet for 18 months and the building plan you forward to referendum is not right?


I witnessed in a board meeting that no board member should answer questions about the referendum unless it goes through administrative offices first.


Why is that? Don’t we elect our board members to answer our questions?


How could board members and administration support referendum mailings, brochures, meetings to the public at the townships and fire departments and all of sudden without knowledge to the public, they choose a different path?


How could all those things which cost time and money become fruitless? Unless the administration and certain board members knew all along the total conceptual plan was never an option.


That isn’t honest and it shows a great lack of integrity and judgment by the elected members on the school board.


This is just a good old slap in the face to taxpayers.


Let’s get it done quickly, they will forget and in two years there will be a different administration.


There are things that are needed to be addressed in our district but to campaign on one front and change the plan because you now have our money, is very misleading to all of us.


As we go forward with this crafty new plan how much is it going to cost? Are there new things that were never discussed? Will there now be overruns? If so, how are we going to fund them? Are we ever going to have a long-range maintenance plan for our other aging facilities in the future so we don’t have to have referendums every 20 years? Are we going to dip in our fund balance which is like our schools savings account?


At one of the last meetings, I attended it was noted we are 12 percent over the amount the state requires every district to have in its Balance Fund. That is our money too. It seems like we have a hell of an overflow in our Balance Fund.


I’ve been on the Buildings and Grounds Committee on and off for over 25 years working with 7 different Administrators. In my last stint on the committee I witnessed the Administration on two occasions absolutely bypass the committee’s recommendation.


And in one case, after a proposal was voted down in committee, the very exact proposal was on the agenda and passed by the board on the same evening it failed in committee.


This administration and majority school board has been disgraceful to each other at times. It lacks respect and dignity to others on the board or committees members that actually do live here; we will once again have to live out the mistakes of people who don’t live here.


This upcoming election gives us an option to make a difference and get some new blood on the board. We know for a fact the majority board that does exist hasn’t been honest to taxpayers.


We need a change of leadership just like the changes we have seen in our federal and state governments. We need leaders willing to stand up for the people who elected them not the ones they have hired.


I hope our school boards in the future can actually find administrators that love our children and our community, and not just our checkbook or their legacies.


If you’re ready for a change, so am I.  On April 4, use your 3-votes to elect Bradley A. Petersen and Gregg Denman, and write-in Doug Gonring for Kewaskum School Board.


Also vote Dr. Lowell Holtz for State Superintendent.


Doug Gonring


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