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Letter to the Editor: Respecting law enforcement

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My entire life, I have respected police officers, sheriff deputies and other law enforcement professionals. As a child, I looked up to them and as an adult I value their important and necessary role in society.


Their profession requires a certain amount of danger and risk which most of us do not encounter where we work. In the past I felt as though that risk was a known entity, that upon entering the public safety arena it was well known danger was part of the job.  Those who could accept that risk went on to honorable careers.  Those who could not, chose another field of work.  I felt these men and women signed up for the job, knowing full well the risks involved.


I felt that way until recently when the risks changed significantly. Unfortunately, it appears as though the new job description of a law enforcement officer must now include shouldering the burden of being singled out, labeled a racist, and worst of all accept the role of being hunted down simply for wearing the uniform.  Thank you to those who, in spite of this, continue to serve.


Today’s societal condition reminds me of Vietnam Veterans coming home after serving our country. Many arrived and were welcomed with violence and hate.  Today, just as then we need strong leaders who have the dignity and grace to cut through political party affiliations and speak simply, as Americans.  Fortunately, veterans have regained their rightful place as the best of the best and are revered and respected, just as they should be.  That change in attitude took leadership.


Once again, we find ourselves looking for leaders and what a shame it is to see those at the highest levels of government refusing to engage properly. It is not an accident neither our President nor Secretary Clinton can bring themselves to condemn recent actions. It is not an accident the Black Lives Matter organization does not speak of strengthening the family, promoting personal responsibility or championing change through education (Please see to view their agenda for yourselves).


None of these are accidents, rather, they are an integral part of the lifeblood of the far left wing. Politicians supporting these motives cannot afford to allow others to know the benefits of a unified family, to discover the value of a great education or the joy of financial freedom.


They know once a suppressed population is freed it will embrace principles of a limited government and will have achieved the American Dream, offering more opportunity to their children than they had themselves.  The far left knows this would eliminate the need for politicians like these who rely on vulnerable and angry populations for their very existence.


As Americans, our goal should be to help each person realize they are intelligent, significant and important members of society. All lives have meaning and our leaders should invest in teaching those in need how to achieve their full potential, whatever that potential may be.  It is infinitely inspirational to hear stories of those who fought against incredible odds and now enjoy a life of self-sufficiency.  To lead in this manner is not racist.  To lead in this manner takes courage, courage our present day leaders don’t have.


I am willing to respectfully debate dozens of topics with those whom I have political differences in order to strengthen my own beliefs and understand more fully the positions of others. However, the support of racist acts by our President and Secretary Clinton only serve to re-segregate our country and undermine the progress made over the past decades.  There is no debating the dishonor of their inaction.


I ask the citizens of West Bend and Washington County to be courageous leaders and do two things. First, when you see a man or woman in uniform, sincerely thank them. Second, regardless of where you view yourself politically, don’t fall victim to the narrative of hate.  Let’s knock off the idea that hate ever cured anything, it hasn’t.


Remember we are Americans, the leaders of the world. Let’s act like it.


Kraig K. Sadownikow


City of West Bend

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