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Letter to the Editor: Rule of law must be upheld by Bob Gannon

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Bob Gannon

Nov. 9, 2016 – Slinger, WI – The elections are over, and while I subscribe to the theory that we must heal the division around the country, I ask that the rule of law not be abandoned under this pretext.

Cleary Secretary Clinton operated her e-mails under an unsecure system, putting our nation’s most secret documents and personnel at risk. There are citizens sitting in prisons for similar behavior, and Ms. Clinton should not be treated any differently.

Additionally, there is clear evidence to support the allegation that the Clinton Foundation was not a charity as much as it was a personal wealth machine for the Clinton family, including Hillary, Bill and Chelsea.

Even worse are the allegations that donors to the Clinton Foundation were given access to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in exchange for their donations. This is so profoundly egregious that our nation needs to demand the truth on this topic.

If the allegations against Ms. Clinton are true, then we as a nation were being treated like she was a leader of a banana republic. Enforcement of our laws are how we maintain conformity to all laws, and our political leaders, myself included, need to be as diligent as possible in adhering to those laws. If we as political leaders break the laws, then we need to be held accountable as any other citizen would.

A nation with a set of standards for our rulers that are at a lower level than our constituents would be unable to sustain.  I’m not asking that Hillary Clinton be treated any more harshly than my neighbors, but she absolutely cannot be treated with any special deference. The investigations into her and their family foundation must be thorough and fair, and if any law was broken, then a prosecution of the characters involved must quickly begin.


Rep. Bob Gannon


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