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Letter to the Editor: Safety concerns with Hartford Reliever Route By Ken Miller

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Feb. 5, 2016 – Hartford, WI- I must add my opposition to the Hartford reliever route.  According to the reports the truck traffic accounts for only 9 to 10% of the traffic on Highway 60. The congestion is on all State trunk Highways.

Not too long ago the state improved Highway 60 route to four lanes through Hartford.

Consider that there are more governments involved than just Washington County. The state of Wisconsin, the city of Hartford, Dodge County, and Town of Hartford. How much funding have these pledged?

Since they’re only two lanes proposed it would seem this would be a considerable safety hazard, especially during the seasons of agriculture activity. Can you imagine trucks behind farm machinery traveling at 10 to 25 miles per hour. The situation causes a safety problem because of impatient drivers.

We’re told the county is going to be short of funds in the near future. How can they justify spending over $20 million on a reliever route that will have traffic  traveling out of the way noting that 70% of the traffic travels south from Hartford and why should the county fix a problem that is truly a state problem?

This does not make economic sense whatsoever.


Kenneth F. Miller

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