Letter to the editor: Slinger School District by Dave Hanke

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Starting my day with an exceptional cup of Kona Coffee and reminding myself of the good world I live in. I live in a community that supports it’s schools and values a quality education for it’s children.
We have good administrators and school board members who care about the quality of education the children receive. I am proud of the way this team has put together a referendum that deals with needs of all of it’s students. I hope you will support them in the referendum next Tuesday.
I’m a retired Singer educator who continues to take pride in the work being done in our schools and I’m so proud of all of the accomplishments of our students. In particular I’m proud of the high school academic decathlon team that won our regional by over 4,000 point and who had the highest individual point winner in the regional. In a few short weeks these kids will go off to state to try and bring home a state championship.
Our schools are filled with academic, athletic and music prowess. Let’s make sure we continue to give them what they need for continued success. I feel blessed to live in a community that values education.

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