Letter to the Editor | Steve Stanek for Assembly | By Tim Schmidt

Dec. 12, 2017 – West Bend, WI –  Individual liberty, the rule of law, and our constitution are the cornerstones of our country. I am supporting Steve Stanek because I know he views these important standards as non negotiable.

Today, many of the actions that garner national attention have some people calling for an erosion of our liberties. While all of these situations are complex, some would have you believe that law-abiding citizens should have less freedom in the false hope of improving public safety.

Steve Stanek supports not only sportsmen, but also those that wish to use the firearm for their own personal protection.  The rules and regulations in Wisconsin provide a framework for oversight without restricting access to natural-born, constitutionally-protected rights. Steve supports these rights.

I encourage you to vote for Steve Stanek because on this issue, and many others, his unwavering support will lead to predictable votes and consistent representation. Too many elected officials say one thing and do another. Steve is a solid conservative and will follow through on his commitments.


Tim Schmidt

President & CEO – Delta Defense

West Bend, WI 53095


Tim Schmidt
CEO, President
Delta Defense

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