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Letter to the Editor | Support Dennis Degenhardt for 58th Assembly District | By Cindy Tikusis

Jan. 9, 2018 – West Bend, WI – Dennis D. Degenhardt has the proven fiscal track record you have been looking for and much, much more.  Dennis is running for Bob Gannon’s vacant 58th Assembly Seat in the Tuesday, Jan. 16 special election.


Dennis is the recently retired CEO of glacier Hills credit union in West Bend and Hartford which he grew 285%, expanding even during the worst recession since the Great Depression.  All total, Dennis has spent 40 years in the credit union industry where he has helped everyday people every day achieve their dream of buying a car, financing a home, saving for college, starting a business, and everything else people need to build their life and strengthen our community


Dennis has decades of proven experience achieving goals with limited funds.  He wouldn’t have entered into a willy-nilly contract with Foxconn given its shaky commitment history, or allow our roads to rank 49th in the nation, or watch our public schools deteriorate, or allow 79,000 needy Wisconsinites to go without health insurance by refusing over $1 billion in federal funds simply to score political points.


Dennis is the respected next door family man who has served on numerous local boards and committees helping them make long-term decisions and trim costs.


As the Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Washington County, Dennis has worked to bring the party back to the roots that gave us Women’s Suffrage, the 40 Hour Work Week, Overtime Pay, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Consumer Protection, and affordable health care.


Dennis isn’t beholden to special interests or political machines.  He is a coalition builder dedicated to revitalizing our state by strategically allocating tax dollars toward family sustaining jobs, strong schools, infrastructure, and affordable quality health care.


Cindy Tikusis of West Bend



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