Letter to the editor: Tiffany Larson for West Bend School Board

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Dear Editor:

In response to blogger Owen Robinson’s recent post, and in the tradition of the Washington County Insider’s fair and ethical reporting, I’d like to clarify some misinformed statements and claims printed in his article.

School Board Candidate, Tiffany Larson, has worked tirelessly to listen, learn, and develop a campaign that is representative of both of our rational and conservative values. We are pro-education, pro-students, pro-teachers, pro-community, and of course pro-self-defense. Labels in a non-partisan campaign such as the school board are inflammatory. In this particular case, the erroneous labels assigned by Owen only serve to reflect his personal bias and agenda.  Let me be clear…Owen represents neither the left nor right in his blog, but rather a rigid, fearful frame of mind, one which lacks the flexibility to even consider a conservative can care about more than simply fiscal stewardship.

Many of the children in our Delta Defense family attend school in the West Bend District. Tiffany’s “Lightning Speaker” message at our recent all-team meeting received much praise. Her emphasis for the school board to practice sincere inquiry and investigation, appropriate restraint, avoid impulsive initiatives, and limit testing investments that align with the Common Core, have soundly resonated with parents and taxpayers. Certainly, personal experiences ignited our concern and gave us the impetus to take a closer look at the decision making of the administration. When choices made by the district are rubber stamped by school board without critical analysis, and serve to create conflict rather than yield positive results for our students and community, we should all be concerned! Many of their decisions have resulted in negative publicity for our town and a need for damage control. The era of opaque, top down administratively dictated initiatives have failed our students and teachers. However, I believe the excellence this school district once achieved can be reclaimed with a new vision and approach to leadership.

Tiffany brings optimism, intellect, and a mind willing to consider the many viewpoints that exist in this very heterogeneous district.  We must keep the goals of all students and the goals of our community at the forefront when we elect school board candidates; these moderate goals trump those of extremists. Education is not a political issue. Regardless of what party you align yourself with, we can all agree that strong schools equate to strong students and a strong community. If you support this line of thinking, then I encourage you to get out and vote for Tiffany on February 16. You can also visit her Facebook page to better understand her goals for this school district.

Finally, clearly, as has been announced for numerous weeks yet was incorrectly penned in Owen’s blog, I, Tonnie Schmidt, am the treasurer for Tiffany’s campaign, a campaign that represents a collaborative, cohesive voice in our community.


Tonnie Schmidt

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