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Letter to the Editor | Vote Adam Williquette for District 7 alderman in West Bend | By Rich Kasten


March 26, 2018 – West Bend, WI –  On April 3, District 7 in West Bend has the opportunity to re-elect Alderman Adam Williquette to the Common Council. I have been very lucky to serve with Adam for the past 4 years and can honestly say he has transformed and raised the bar for those who are “part-time” elected officials.

During Alderman Williquette’s tenure on the Council, he has provided expert knowledge of financial decisions facing the Council and in recognition, was chosen by his peers to be Chairperson of the Finance Committee. Ultimately, this has led to significant improvements in the city’s financial standing by significantly decreasing debt by over $25,000,000 as well as spending while still providing a high level of service to the public.
Alderman Williquette also serves on the Planning Commission and the Downtown BID Board and has helped drastically improve the business climate. There has been remarkable development in West Bend and comments about the improvement in businesses’ working relationships with the City.
Alderman Williquette has a strong sense of responsibility supporting his constituents near Barton – championing facade improvement grants for businesses. Finally, as a member of my Transportation Committee, Alderman Williquette has worked hard studying the roads in West Bend as well as looking for sustainable ways to pay for road repairs.
Those of us who work with him know that Alderman Williquette is truly an advocate for constituents as well as a watchdog with respect to wants vs. needs in budgeting.
I ask the residents of District 7 to continue to support and re-elect Adam Williquette on April 3.
Rich Kasten
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