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Letter to the Editor : Vote Governor Walker on Nov. 6 | By Dan Krier

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Nov. 2, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – Governor Walker certainly deserves re-election. When he took office he was handed a huge budget deficit. The Democrats before him tried everything to fix it, including trying to illegally dip into dedicated funds.
When the former governor had his hand slapped for that, he chose not to run again.
Walker was elected and enacted Act 10. He certainly didn’t enjoy upsetting almost half the population, but it was one of those tough decisions that had to be made for the good of the state.
Since that time our state’s finances and economy has steadily improved. Our business climate has risen back to levels most never thought possible again. I don’t understand how anyone could vote against that. Our state under Walker is being looked to as an example of how to improve other states.
Governor Walker has been blasted with ads condemning him for lack of money in education and roads. He has been accused of wanting to take away your pre-existing condition coverage as that is the fallacy Democrats are touting all over the US this election cycle.
There have been so many of these advertisements that are absolutely false.
Since Act 10, Governor Walker has increased funding to education to levels of never before. He has increased funding to road projects as well.
Remember, it was the previous governor that raided the transportation fund several times and got us behind on the road repairs.
And when it comes to healthcare, Walker had a handle on it until ObamaCare came along.
I know of three close personal contacts that had pre-existing coverage through the state’s BadgerCare. They paid their own completely, but had good coverage at an affordable price. When ObamaCare came along those policies were not allowed and these three were forced onto ObamaCare.
Their premiums doubled and deductibles almost tripled. So even though they have insurance, they cannot afford to use it.
You certainly cannot believe the talk you hear in these political campaign ads, you have to research the facts if you want the truth.
I will be voting for Governor Walker to keep our state moving in the right direction. I will support him in encouraging business to stay here and come here. And for him to keep training our people for the job openings those moves create.
Dan Krier

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