Letter to the Editor | Vote Jason Guslick for Washington County Sheriff | By Ron Rewerts

August 11, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – This letter is an endorsement of Jason Guslick for Washington County Sheriff. My knowledge of him includes years of working with him at the Sheriff’s apartment and working with him off duty.

My endorsement is reinforced by his transparent and specific positions on the predominant law enforcement issues in our community. These include his perspective on the second amendment to the Constitution, the opioid epidemic, and cooperation with federal agencies dealing with immigration issues.

I appreciate Jason’s willingness to articulate his plan and intention to work with other police agencies to stop criminal activity and deter and deny criminal elements from intruding our county from surrounding counties.

I encourage your readers to examine these specific proposals in his literature and his website.

My enthusiastic support for Jason’s platform and his energetic posture for keeping our community safe is unreserved.

Sincerely, Ron Rewerts



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