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Letter to the Editor: Vote Ron Naab Dist. 8 County Supervisor

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To Whom it May Concern;
I have been honored to serve the past two years on the Washington County Board. Being a member has proven very gratifying in many ways. For two years we were able to lower the county tax rate by being frugal with our taxpayers’ money.


Being a member of the Transportation Committee I have been involved with resolving highway concerns in our district and in the county.
Being involved and available with my constituents has been accomplished by attending town board meetings, being available at many community functions, and responding to inquiries from my fellow citizens.
My goal, in whatever organization I am involved with, has been and will continue to be listen to and evaluate all of the options to determine what will be the best for those I represent or lead.


I vow to all of the constituents of the newly formed District 8 of the Washington County Board that I will always put the safety of our citizens as my primary concern. This safety includes our Sheriff’s Office, Highway Department, Transit Authority, and Human Services.


Through the Priority Based Budgeting, which I was involved with, our county departments will be able provide the best for the citizens. As a county board member I will advocate an appreciative approach of all the employees of the county for their hard work hard to do the best for our citizens..
I am very grateful of the following endorsements:
Darren Sievers,  Ray and Ann Wolf,  Dan and Ellen Wolf, Dave and Donna Ebert, Curt Martin,  Steve Krebs, Mary and Fritz Montag,  Carl Wolf,  Scott Ritger, Steve Hart,  David Hanke,  Ronald Hefter, Robert Bingen,  Lisa Anderson


Ronald J. Naab
Candidate for Washington County Board District 8 Supervisor

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