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Letter to the Editor | Vote Schmiege and Weigand for WB School Board | By Carol Heger


March 27, 2018 – West Bend, WI – Two days after Easter there is an important election day for all of us in the West Bend area. Obviously all conservatives will want to go to the polls to vote for Judge Michael Screnock for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  However, there is another crucial race on the ballot.  West Bend and Jackson residents —those who value true conservative voices on the West Bend School Board —will want to vote on Tues. April 3 for Monte Schmiege and Mary Weigand.

Both Schmiege and Weigand are principled conservatives who represent traditional values with a dedication to the taxpayers of West Bend and Jackson. They will do their best to protect local taxpayers from an ever increasing tax burden.

Both Schmiege and Weigand have an interest in helping the District become more transparent regarding curriculum standards and controversial activities at our schools. I believe most parents and families want teachers to teach all subjects in a fair and balanced manner, where critical thinking is encouraged.  Unfortunately, curriculum is becoming increasingly politicized, creating a culture of grievances, group think, victimization, and conformity to politically correct liberal values.  (Remember the White Privilege Test given at Badger Middle School?)  Schmiege and Weigand will voice the concerns of community members like you and me who believe parents and local residents should have more knowledge about what’s being taught to our children.

I believe there is a silent majority in our community. We are the ones who are tired of being ridiculed by newspaper columnists and Facebook posters because of what we believe and who also fear being made fun of when we speak out at public meetings.  West Bend is one of the most conservative communities in our state.  It’s time that our school board reflects the area’s traditional values.  This is the time to vote for Monte Schmiege and Mary Weigand for West Bend School Board.


Carol Heger

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