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Letter to the Editor | Vote Tiffany Koehler on December 19 | By Diane Berndt Meach

Dec. 12, 2017 – Washington Co., WI – These days, a lot of us feel our voices aren’t being heard in government.  We are often struggling to keep ourselves financially afloat on a personal level; some are struggling on a corporate level.  Our healthcare is far from ideal, and scandal is rampant in the news.

Maybe it’s time we change things up a bit.

Locally, we have a chance to start with the special election for the 58th District Assembly seat left vacant by the sad and unexpected loss of Bob Gannon a few months ago.  One of the candidates running to fill this position is Tiffany Koehler – someone Bob thought enough of to make his legislative aid and policy advisor.

Naturally, Tiffany is positioned to transition into this role better than anyone else running.  Even more importantly, she will hear our voices asking for change.

As I’m learning more about her, I am increasingly impressed with Tiffany’s background, specifically her fighting spirit through difficult life experiences, her stance on important current issues, and most recently, the committees and boards she has served on.

Take a look at her long list of impressive accomplishments, and know as I do, that she will continue to impress us and improve our government.  If she was great enough for Bob, she’s great enough for us!

I urge you to get out and make a difference, and vote Tiffany Koehler for 58th Assembly in the December 19 special election.

Diane Berndt Meach


West Bend, WI


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