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Letter to the Editor | Vote Tiffany Koehler on December 19 | By Tiffany Koehler


Dec. 12, 2017 – Washington Co., WI – As a military veteran I swore to preserve, protect, and to defend the Constitution of the United States. I am grounded in my faith to God, service to country and our community.

Representative Bob Gannon and I met on the campaign trail in 2014. I came in second in three-way Republican primary. He brought me on his team as a legislative adviser because he respected my insight and my judgment. The difference between the other candidates and me is that while they talk about what they will do, I have actually done the work. I have experience.

As a non-profit leader, I have a proven track record of addressing major community issues like homelessness, drug addiction, untreated mental illness and children in foster care.

I firmly believe that an economy is most robust when spending is driven by families and individuals, not by bureaucracies. I will fight to reduce your tax burden.

I will help businesses thrive and create jobs, not just survive, through less government interference. I will fight to reduce your taxes and reduce the size of government.

Throughout my career I have worked with law enforcement to combat crime and exploitation of our most vulnerable populations like our seniors, our children and our disabled. I will continue to work to protect our way of life in Washington County.

I believe our children’s education should be designed, implemented, measured, and improved at the local level. I support our K-12 schools and expand school choice to aid children with special needs.

Constituents I have worked with know I respond quickly to challenges to find resolutions. I do not back down.

I would be honored to represent you in Madison. I ask for your vote on Tuesday, Dec. 19 to continue our work together.

Merry Christmas,

Tiffany Koehler



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