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Letter to the Editor | Vote Walker, Schimel and Vukmir and keep the momentum going | By Randy Marquardt

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Oct. 24, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – It is hard to overstate the incredible changes that took place in 2010 as Americans reacted to the economic downturn, the 2008 elections that swept left-wing liberals into power, and the urgency for working people and businessmen to re-engage in the political process.

The self-described Tea Party movement quickly helped reverse what seemed like a fast-track to socialism, as plainly represented by the passage of Stimulus and Obamacare.

In this environment, people like Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Glenn Grothman, Duey Strobel and Leah Vukmir appeared to lead us back to the proper role of government – small, local, responsive to the people and supportive of freedom whenever possible.

The free-market here in Wisconsin responded as expected (now down below 3% unemployment), and the national economy supercharged once the regulatory drag of President Obama was removed.

Unfortunately, as often happens, hard-working people and businessmen again become too busy with life to fool around with politics…and the cycle starts all over again.

On November 6, or before, take a few minutes join me in voting to reward the people who have laid the groundwork for this success – send Gov. Walker, Atty. Gen. Schimel and all our Republican legislators back to Madison to keep the great momentum going.

Let’s elect Leah Vukmir, who has a proven track record and will work with Senator Johnson to enact nationally the reforms we accomplished here in Wisconsin.

Please VOTE!

Randy Marquardt

West Bend


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