Letter to the Editor | Why are students viewing pornography during lunch at Badger Middle School | By Mary Weigand

Sept. 20, 2018 – West Bend, WI – It has come to my attention that kids in Badger Middle School are using their smart phones to look at pornography during lunchtime in the school cafeteria, then showing other kids and laughing.
I have approached the school board three times in the last 2 months to have this addressed. They have not denied it is occurring, and to my knowledge there has been no plan or policy enacted to take care of this.
I do plan to meet with the new superintendent, but there seems to be no urgency on the part of the school board or administration to protect our kids.
Do you know that pornography and sex trafficking are related? This is serious!
Here are a few statistics about pornography you, and every parent, should know:
Frankly, I would not feel it a safe environment for my children as long as this continues. Once porn is viewed, it cannot be “unseen”.
This is not good for the future marriages of your children. I would not want my daughter married to someone who is addicted to porn, would you? These inappropriate and immoral behaviors begin as kids and often continue.
We do not allow food fights or other bad behavior in the cafeteria, why is this given a pass?
I hope you find this as serious as I and many parents, grandparents and community members do and take the time to do what is in your power and right to protect the kids who attend schools in the West Bend School District.
I will continue to address this until it has been resolved.
Interestingly, I did find several school districts that do not allow cell phones in school. Making a policy change like that, though only one intervention, would move us the right direction. 
Mary P. Weigand

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