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Local updates from Republican Party Convention

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jim geldreich

The Republican Party Convention begins Monday, July 18 in Cleveland and Washington County Republican Party Chairman Jim Geldreich will be filing updates with Around the Bend and


People attending the convention from Washington County include Jim Geldreich, West Bend (5th District Delegate), Kathy Kiernan, Richfield (5th District Delegate), Duey Stroebel, Saukville, (At-Large Delegate), Jennie Frederick, Jackson (At-Large Alternate), Crystal Berg, Hartford (At-Large Alternate)


Governor Scott Walker is scheduled to speak at the convention along with Congressional Representatives Sean P. Duffy.
“The goal of the convention is to nominate a presidential candidate for the Republican Party, presumably Donald Trump,” Geldreich said. “Trump has enough delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot. Kathy, Duey and I are Ted Cruz delegates, as he won the primary vote in the 5th Congressional District, as well as the statewide vote. Therefore constitutionally, we have to cast our ballots for Cruz.”


Wisconsin has 42 delegate votes altogether; 24 district delegates and 18 at-large delegates.


“I anticipate some resistance to a Trump nomination from certain factions of the party, but I do expect him to win the nomination on the first ballot,” said Geldreich. “Further, I expect Trump to make efforts to unify the party. He has already embraced the party platform along with Speaker Paul Ryan’s Better Way agenda.”

The convention ends Thursday night.

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