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Mayville School District sends note to parents following fatal accident in Town of Theresa

May 11, 2019 – Mayville, WI – The Mayville School District has sent a note home to parents following a fatal accident on May 9.

The accident involved a Mayville High School student. More details will be released when information becomes available.

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Dear Parents & Guardians,

On May 9, a Mayville High School student, Class of 2019, died in a car accident. Student reaction has been filled with both confusion, grief, and sadness as we work together to navigate the loss.

This is a tragedy that has affected our school community. Counselors are available to provide assistance to students and their families as long as the need exists. We encourage you to let your child’s teacher or counselor know if there is any additional information the school should be aware of so we can provide the support your child needs.

Please encourage your son/daughter to talk with you about this incident. Encourage him/her to share his/her feelings. If your family has experienced a death or similar loss recently, the loss of our student may bring up feelings about that death. Please notify the school counselor or seek assistance through another helping professional if you notice any change in what you could consider his/her normal behavior or habits.

Our Crisis Team representatives are:

·         Dr. Rebekah Scott, School Psychologist, [email protected], (920-387-7970, ext. 3403)

·         Chris Paszek, High School Counselor, [email protected], (920-387-7960, ext. 4216)

·         Grace Winter, Middle School Counselor, [email protected], (920-387-7970, ext. 3437)

·         Jackie Mittelstadt, Parkview Primary Counselor, [email protected] us, (920-387-7973, ext. 2004)

The school staff will continue to monitor student reaction on a daily basis and make adjustments as needs arise. A resource from the National Association of School Psychologist, “Helping Children Cope with Loss, Death, & Grief,” has been attached to this email for your reference. Thank you for supporting your son/daughter throughout this difficult time. If we can be of any further assistance to you or your child, please contact us.


Bob Clark

Mayville Middle School Principal

920-387-7970 ext. 3006


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