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New name to be unveiled today for Washington County Historical Society

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An unveiling in store this afternoon as the Washington County Historical Society reveals its new name and logo.


“It’s not uncommon for museums to make this change,” said Patricia Lutz, executive director of the WCHS. “There’s been such a discrepancy between being a small historical society and a big one and now the idea of society has a different meaning.”


Society, according to Lutz, is “more related to a group than a place.”


“There’s an idea of a club or being a founding father in order to belong,” she said. “We wanted to have a name that was more open.”


Lutz said, at the local Historical Society there is so much more with programs, exhibits and a very well-respected Research Center. “It’s definitely time to spruce things up,” she said.


The name change will encompass the Old Courthouse and the jail.


The new logo was designed by Steve Malone from Real Time Solutions. “We’re also getting a new website which was completed by Valley Technologies,” said Lutz.


The new name, according to Lutz,  will give  the museum a better identity.


A presentation will be made at 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 24 at the Old Courthouse Museum.


Museum board president John Spartz will make the announcement.


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